Easy Chicken Bites (air fryer)


These are a go-to for me when I need an easy protein hit. Use any flavouring you like, but my preference is to use my lemonade chilli rub. It’s got kick!! Or the buffalo rub. Or a decent bbq rub… Thanks to my cooking buddy Cecilia for doing the hard yards and researching how to get things crispy in the air fryer – I use her approach all the time!

This recipe does get soggy, so not great for leftovers… but I store some in a tub to take to work for snacking anyway. You do you!

Brining time (optional) 1-4 hours, assembly 5 minutes, cook time 12 minutes

Chicken breast – I usually do 1 (I can’t eat a whole one! 2 would do 3 people with a salad, but you’d need to cook in 2 batches)
1 TB (ish) of your favourite rub
2 TB (ish) store bought breadcrumbs
Olive oil spray

Air fryer

1 – Cut chicken into chunky strips. Halve them if you like. Cut with the grain though – along the length of the fillet.

2 – Brine the pieces in whatever you like – Cecilia will opt for teriyaki or a citrus combo; I like soy sauce, teriyaki or yakitore, mirin and sake. OR just stick with the classic buttermilk. Wait at least 20 minutes if you’re brining – but I’d suggest 3-4 hours is optimal.

3 – Preheat air fryer while you drain the liquid from the chicken.

4 – Mix the rub with the breadcrumbs and coat the chicken pieces, setting them aside in a pile.

5 – Once heated, spray the inside of the air fryer with oil. Place the chicken bits inside and spray the tops.

6 – Cook for 12 minutes at 195° C.

Serve with salad or in a wrap. Or just eat them. We do!