Burnt ends – hacked version!


These are so awesome – and I’ve got a fool-proof quick cheat version! Based on what a few different people do, but sped up. For pork I like to use hickory/maple/apple smoke and for beef I prefer hickory/cherry.

I made these a few times and only remembered to take a photo the last time after we’d polished off nearly all of the pieces!

3-4 hours

Pork belly or (and!!) beef brisket
Spice rub – home made or commercial (I use my BBQ spice rub)
Brown sugar
BBQ sauce – home made or commercial (I use my cowboy candy sauce, but Hardcore Carnivore Burnt Ends Sauce is pretty amazing)

Smoker, steam oven, temperature probe

Preheat smoker to 135° C

1 – Remove skin from pork (removed ribs too if they are included – bonus snacks!!), unless you’re making beef. Cut into large cubes 3-4 cm in size.

2 – Coat and pat on enough rub to cover all sides.

3 – Arrange in smoker so that the pieces don’t touch each other.

4 – Smoke for 2 (ish) hours. I like to top up the smoker every 15 minutes with small amounts of fuel, but you do you.

5 – Remove meat from smoker and place in a pan.

6 – Sprinkle with some brown sugar, drizzle with honey and place 4-5 slices of butter on top.

7 – Steam oven at 135° C and steam at 100% until the internal probe reads past 95° C – don’t be afraid to take it further than that.

8 – Cover with good quality BBQ sauce and toss to coat well.

9 – Cook in the steam oven at 180° C for 10 minutes to char and crisp up a little.

10 – Serve with other BBQ meats, or rice, or whatever you like!!