Yoghurt (pot set)

Yoghurt bowl

I actually can’t remember why I decided to start making my own pot set yoghurt, probably because I hadn’t done it before… but (as is often the case) now I can’t go back to store-bought! You can adjust the sugar level – this is where I like it.

The important ingredient is a starter yoghurt. It must be pot set (there are a few brands available, but I use a local product sourced at the local Farmers’ market). Once the recipe is made, put 200g (I don’t measure, I just eyeball it) aside for the next batch.

I use this as the basis of my daily breakfast with some granola and berries. It’s also delicious with passionfruit. I make a batch pretty much every weekend – this will last me a week of daily eating (about 1.4L in total including the 200g starter for next time).

13-14 hours (most of this is just waiting for the microbey thingies to work their magic – no need to wait at home for it)

70g full milk powder
40g caster sugar
1 TB vanilla extract
1L full cream milk

200g yoghurt starter

Digital thermometer
ThermoServer (or similar heat-holding pot/bowl)

1 – Add milk powder, sugar, vanilla and milk to the Thermomix.

2 – Cook for 25 minutes, 90°C at speed 3

3 – Rest the thermometer in the Thermomix so that it does not touch the sides. Wait until the temperature drops to 37°C.

4 – Add the yoghurt starter

5 – Boil water and pour into the Thermoserver

6 – Cook for 20 minutes, 37°C at speed 1½.

7 – Tip out the boiling water and thoroughly dry the Thermoserver

8 – Pour the warm yoghurt into the Thermoserver. Wrap in towels and leave in a warm place for 8-12 hours. (I usually do 10)

9 – Set aside 200g for the next batch

10 – Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.