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Galbi sauce

Who doesn’t like Korean BBQ? (I don’t need this kind of negativity, so I’m assuming nobody!) We love having group dinners using our Teppanyaki grill where everyone cooks their own food. One time, I realised that we didn’t have one of our favourite sauces and no local shops had any, so I started researching and made my own. The recipe lived in my inbox for a year, and I’m thankful that the folk at Yahoo mail haven’t decommissioned their search function. Well, no more! It’s finally here on the Heath Food site!

This recipe makes enough for a few meals. I store ours in a plastic sauce bottle in the refrigerator. Don’t be too exacting with the measurements – it all comes out well. Use as a marinade, or sprinkle onto a poke bowl for extra tasty flavour. Awesome with chicken and salmon. And pork. Beef and veggies too. Just make it and pour over everything!

<5 minutes

3 cloves of garlic
2 TB honey
2 TB sesame oil
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup premium soy sauce
½ onion
½ ts ground black pepper
1 small pack (about ½ cup) apple puree


1 – Place all ingredients in the Thermomix

2 – Blitz at speed 10 until smooth

3 – Use immediately, or refrigerate to let the flavours meld