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Green dip

Green dip

This is the green sauce from the taco page. I’ve been making this as a dip for regular snacking, it’s so good! I’ve modified it a little, but so yummy. I don’t even measure any more – guessing tastes just as good! It’s also good on steamed veggies.

So quick.

1 bunch of coriander (about 1 cup)
3 spring onions
2 cloves (or 1 whole-clove) of garlic, smashed
1 lime zested and juiced
200ml (approx) sour cream (use light if you’re trying to be good)
1-2 TB condensed milk (optional) for sweetness
2 TB hot sauce
1 TB sriracha sauce
1 ts umami salt

Thermomix or blender


1 – Place all ingredients into the Thermomix or blender. Blitz until smooth.