Toasties: the Ultimate Experience


So… I love a good toastie (American call them grilled cheese sandwiches – but we don’t!). I’ve had a few great toasties in my time, but it wasn’t until a chat with the canteen manager at my work (Hi Carolina!) that I found out the secret to really great, next-level toasties… STEAM! Light, fluffy, super crunchy, fully melted cheese (I can’t abide non-perfectly melted cheese – yuk!)… nom nom nom.

We purchased a bench-top steam oven as an alternative to sous vide and after the purchase, but before its arrival, I made the connection… I would be able to make seriously awesome toasties! I’ve experimented a little, but hit the jackpot today, so here I am sharing away!!

Put anything you like in these babies. I’m watching my calories at the moment, but would encourage 2 slices of cheese (Colby, tasty, or a combination including gruyere or something similar). I’m listing what I used in today’s epic effort, but seriously I don’t think you can go wrong!

10 or so minutes to prepare, 8 to cook.

Ingredients (per sandwich)
2 slices of bread
roast garlic paste (make your own!)
roast garlic and onion jam (make your own!)
pulled pork (or protein of choice)
1 (or more) slice of tasty cheese
BBQ sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s sweet hickory)
hot sauce (I used Big Red’s wing sauce)
pickle relish (make your own!)

Steam oven (we have an Anova)

Preheat oven to 190° C – top and back or bottom elements, steam on 35%, sous vide mode off. Cooking will be on the middle shelf – keep it out of the oven.

1 – Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place buttered side down on the oven rack (not yet in the oven).

2 – Spread the jam and roast garlic paste on the face of the bread.

3 – Place the pulled pork (or protein of choice) on top.

4 – Lightly sprinkle with the BBQ and wing/hot sauce.

5 – Place the cheese on top (if using more cheese, have some on the bottom layer too).

6 – Spread some relish on the remaining piece of bread, then place it face-down on the sandwich.

7 – Butter the top of the sandwich.

8 – Place in hot oven and cook for 8 minutes, carefully turning it over after 4 minutes.