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Steak sandwich

Steak sandwich

I have a friend at work whose husband doesn’t think sandwiches should be considered a dinner food – I beg to differ! These behemoths can be trimmed more than your Christmas tree and tailored to your tastes more than an Armani suit. Okay, I’ll stop now.


Sandwich bread (make your own!)
Steak – cut in half to make 2 thinner steaks, or buy a chunk and cut your own! Any animal will do, but go for good quality with flavour (beef eye fillet, chicken thigh, pork neck/butt)
Egg (home laid, of course!)
Cheese – grated or sliced
Fried onions/mushrooms – do this in advance and reheat
Pickles (Bread & butter cucumbers ftw!)
Garlic paste
…whatever else you want!

Preheat grill oven to 180° C

1 – Assemble the ingredients you plan to use. Some condiments can go on the serving table (pickles, pineapple… things that go near the top of the pile!

2 – Cook the bacon in a large pan. When the bacon is turned, add the steak to the other side of the pan. Season.

3 – When the steak is turned, pop the bread in the oven and add the eggs to the pan.

4 – Turn the bread and add cheese when the first side is golden… you may need a second set of arms for this.

5 – Turn off the heat for the pan. Pop the eggs over so that they are yolk-side down. Leave them there until they are needed – it will help control the giant mess you’ll make when biting into the sandwich.

6 – Assemble the sandwiches with whatever you want. I usually chicken out and eat it with cutlery…