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Oven-roasted tomatoes

Oven-roasted tomatoes

These are an intense flavour punch. I usually make these when I see cheap tomatoes at the market. Romas are my preferred variety, but I’ve used others too. I keep a tub of these in the fridge, mainly to use on pizzas or in toasties. They’re great in a pasta sauce too – even just some of these, basil, pine nuts and olive oil is great.

Store in a tub in the fridge and grab a few as needed. Splash a little olive oil through it if you want to (I don’t).

Baking time is 4-5+ hours. Leave overnight to cool and if they aren’t quite dry enough, cook them a bit more the next day.

3kg fresh tomatoes, roughly cut into 1-1½cm slices (Romas I cut into wedged sixths)
Dried garlic granules
1-2 TB umami salt
½-¾ cup balsamic vinegar reduction
2-3 TB Italian herb mix
½-¾ cup extra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 120° C

1 – Line 2 baking trays with decent edges (these ooze a lot during baking) with Glad Bake and foil folded up at the edges to help contain liquid

2 – Mix all ingredients in a bowl (do this in batches – estimate quantities – a sprinkle of the herbs, drizzle of vinegar etc) then add to the baking trays. Fill 2-3 trays. OR arrange in rows on trays, sprinkling with garlic, herbs, vinegar and a splash of evoo.

3 – Bake slowly, turning every 2 hours until richly caramelised and a bit dry. The tomatoes will release a lot of liquid; keep it all together and consolidate into a single tray once the volume has reduced.

4 – Leave to cool in the oven, this is fine to do overnight. If you want to cook them down further, feel free to do this.