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Fried Rice

Fried Rice

This is a great one-pot wonder, full of flavour and makes everyone happy. Use whatever ingredients you have – this is a good way to use up slightly-wilted veggies at the end of the week. Leave out what you don’t have (unless you’re out of bacon – this must be fixed immediately).

Make sure you use cold rice – if you can plan this a day ahead, that’s great, but I usually end up making the rice an hour or two earlier and popping it, uncovered, in the fridge to dry out a bit. If anyone is interested, I like medium-grain rice.

This makes enough to feed 8-10 people, depending on whether you’re serving anything else with it. We just have leftovers!

Cooks in 10 minutes, once everything is prepped and ready. Don’t start cooking until everything is cut up.

4-5 cups cooked rice, cold and as dry as possible (from 1½ cups uncooked – cooking in stock makes things even tastier)
3 eggs
1 ts vegetable oil

1 finely diced onion
2 finely chopped bacon rashers (or equivalent speck)
2 smashed and chopped cloves of garlic
1 finely diced carrot
1 finely chopped celery stalk
½ finely diced capsicum
½ cup finely chopped mushrooms

½ cup finely chopped snow peas
3-4 florets finely cut broccoli
5 finely cut asparagus
½ cup total for frozen peas, corn, edamame
2 chopped bok choy
finely cut cooked prawns
finely cut eye fillet (I freeze pre-cut leftovers from when I make beef tataki)

2 finely sliced spring onions
Pork or chicken floss to serve (optional)

Decent sprinkle of any combination of:
-premium soy sauce
-kecap manis
ponzu sauce
-sweet chilli saue
-chilli sauce
-dumpling sauce
-char sui sauce

Big wok

1 – Make sure the rice is okay – already cooked and in the fridge

2 – Beat the eggs in a small bowl and add to the pre-heated wok, with a tiny bit of oil. Move around until it sets like an omelette. Set aside to cool, then chop into small pieces.

3 – Add the rest of the oil to the wok.

4 – Cook the onion, bacon, garlic, carrot, celery, capsicum and mushrooms until the onions are almost translucent

5 – Add snow peas, broccoli, asparagus, frozen vegetables and steak

6 – Add a little sauce – I use something light at this stage, like ponzu

7 – Add the rice. Mix thoroughly, breaking up the rice as much as possible. Stir through and heat.

8 – Add the sauces – small amounts (2-3 shakes) and mix well each time. Taste as you go.

9 – Add the egg, reheat quickly and serve. Garnish with spring onion and pork/chicken floss.
Individuals can heat it up and add fire sauces if they like.