Basic bread


We love home made bread. There’s nothing like that smell!!
Use bread flours – the protein levels make all the difference. We use the “Simply No Knead” brand and buy big bags, but use what you like! Combining flours is a great idea. Chow down on fresh bread with beautiful oils and vinegars. Or butter!!

Use for loaves in tins, use stronger flours for free-form loaves (eg pasta dura flour), or be a bit more creative… make pull-apart loaves by baking small balls of dough dipped in dry ingredients and cheeses in a kugelhopf… make fancy hot dogs… build an awesome sandwich…do what you like!

2-4 hours, including rising and proofing

Loaf tin (if you want one), baguette pan or whatever you like.

600g bread flour
3-4 TB seeds (optional – try LSA mix – it’s good!)
3 heaped ts yeast
2 ts sugar (optional)
1 ts salt
2 ts bread improver
2 ts cold pressed oil (not olive oil)
400ml warm water (approximately)

1 – Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl

2 – Add oil and mix

3 – Add water in small amounts, mixing in between, until the dough is moist but stiff. Cover with glad wrap and allow to double in size (30-60 minutes).

4 – Punch dough down, and work into desired shape. (Two smooth balls for a 700g pre-oiled tin). Spray with water and scatter with sesame or poppy seeds. Leave to double in size.

Preheat oven to 220° C

5 – Bake for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown. Turn out and allow to cool on a cake rack. Do not leave it on the bench where naughty kittens can get to it. Ask me how I know this…