Nāc rītā atkal (Meat pancakes)


These are tasty parcels whose name changes according to where you are, but they all mean the same thing: Nāc rītā atkal, Komm morgen wieder, Come again tomorrow. Basically, use whatever meat is leftover from last night and whack it into a pancake parcel.
Disclaimer: I have NEVER made these the “proper” way, and nearly every time I have made a filling, I’ve had the “leftovers” in mind.

They’re normally made with a plain, cooked mince beef with onions or spring onions and a bit of broth. I, however, prefer a rich filling so I’ve made these my own – I use bolognaise sauce or something like enchilada filling (beef enchilada filling was used for the featured photo – they were delicious mixed with a bit of cheese in there!) Use anything you like – but nothing with a runny sauce.

These freeze brilliantly, so make extra for an easy meal later on.

These are quick if you’re making everything from leftovers
They only take a few minutes to cook

As many pancakes as you need – perhaps add an extra ½ cup of flour to make them slightly less delicate (aim for 2-3 per person)
Filling (2-3 heaped TB per parcel)

1 – Lie a cool/cold pancake on your work surface. Spoon 2-3 TB of cold filling in a rectangle in the middle.

2 – Fold the ends over first, then the long edges. Squash it a little bit, then place on a plate seam side down while you assemble the rest of them.

3 – Fry in a medium hot pan with plenty of butter, seam side down first. When the base starts to crisp up, gently turn over and cook the other side.