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US-style French Dressing

US-style French Dressing

This is nothing like the French dressing we have in Australia, its flavour profile is closer to our prawn cocktail dressings. We originally made this as one of the ingredients in our burger sauce, but decided it was actually quite tasty on a green salad.

Word of warning: we made this in bulk one time and stored it in a bottle, which burst open one evening with a loud bang and sauce everywhere.

This makes ½ cup of dressing.

This is really quick to knock together, but needs a few hours to allow flavours to meld.

3 TB (60ml) lemon juice
3 TB (60ml) tomato sauce
4 TB (80ml) olive oil
2 TB (40ml) sugar
1 TB (20ml) white wine vinegar or verjuice
1 clove of garlic, minced

1 – Emulsify all ingredients with a whisk or blender.