Home Meat Chicken Schnitzel



A huge hit in our house! If there are any leftovers, they keep very well and can be reheated or used in the best sandwiches ever. The same approach can be used for veal, chicken or pork.

Ingredients (all approximate and can be altered as desired)
3-4 cups of breadcrumbs – preferably fresh (use stale crusty bread and process in the Thermomix)
Zest of 2-3 lemons
50g finely grated pecorino
2 TB freshly cracked pepper

1 cup plain flour

3-5 eggs

Butter and oil for frying

Thermomix to make crumbs if desired

Prepare the meat:

Use a meat tenderiser to make the meat even and approximately 4mm thick.

Chicken breasts
Use a meat tenderiser to make the breasts of an even thickness, about 1cm thick. Brine for 30-60 minutes in a mix of brown sugar, citrus and light Asian sauces such as teriyaki. Top up with water to cover the meat.

Use a meat tenderiser to make the meat even and approximately 4mm thick.

1 – Combine breadcrumbs, zest, cheese and pepper in a wide-topped bowl.

2 – Place flour in a wide-topped bowl.

3 – Beat eggs in a wide-topped bowl.

4 – Pat the meat dry, especially if it has been brining.

5 – Coat each piece of meat in the flour, then the egg, then the breadcrumb mixture. Place on a plate until all have been completed.

6 – Heat a large frying pan with approximately 50g of butter with some oil to prevent burning.

7 – Cook in batches over a high heat. Turn when browned. When done, store on a plate between layers of paper towel to soak up excess oil.