Home Baked Pizza



Another family favourite. This is a cold dough, so it rises very slowly. Add whatever toppings you like – we have some suggestions.

Use plain flour, pizza or bread flour, pasta dura flour – whatever you like!

Dough takes 5-10 minutes to make, then several hours to rise. Once assembled, the cooking time is 15-20 minutes.

Dough ingredients: 4 adults
4 ½ cups flour
1 ts salt
1 ts yeast
¼ cup olive oil
1 ¾ cups cold water

1-2 TB Italian herb mix
Food colouring

Dough ingredients: 6 adults
6 ¼ cups flour
3 ts salt
1 ½ ts yeast
⅜ cup olive oil
3 ½ cups cold water

1 ½ TB Italian herb mix
Food colouring

Topping ideas:
Sauce: Any combination of BBQ/tomato/passata with or without garlic
Sprinkle of smoked jerky pieces
Dried tomatoes
Deli meats
Thin onion slices
Grated cheese

Benchtop mixer, rolling pin, baking trays – it’s great to have one per pizza

1 – Place flour, salt, yeast and olive oil into the benchtop mixer. Add about half the water, then start mixing with a dough hook. Drizzle the rest of the water in, leaving to mix in between. Stop when a firm dough is formed.

2 – Divide the dough into portions. Leave, covered, on the bench to rise for 2 – 3 hours

3 – Prepare toppings in small bowls, ready for some serious sprinkling

4 – Preheat oven to 210° C with shelves as high as possible

5 – Roll one piece of dough into a circle (or whatever) between 2 pieces of Glad Bake to desired thickness – we range from 4mm to 8mm in this house. Pop onto a baking tray with one of the sheets of Glad Bake underneath.

6 – Build your pizza. Start with the sauce and aromatics, then build through proteins, vegetables and the mandatory pineapple. Top with grated cheese (we just use the pre-mixed, pre-grated shop bought pizza blend). Pro tip: Use a squeezy sauce bottle to decorate the top so it’s easy to identify whose pizza is whose.

7 – Bake high in the oven at 210° C until golden brown and base is cooked – use an egg flipper to have a quick peak underneath.