Garlic Chips


These are potent, delicious and very moorish. They store incredibly well in airtight containers, so make big batches. They are terrific served with steak, or broken up and mixed through fried rice, stir fries, or anything! The inspiration came from watching these being made in teppanyaki restaurants, where they don’t cook them in large enough volumes for our liking. They are even tastier when cooked in butter, but oil is much, much easier when working in large quantities.

Do not, however, serve with orange juice or brush your teeth immediately after eating them. If you don’t know why, try it and see.

8 – 10 minutes cooking time per batch

Fresh garlic – I prefer to use single clove garlic. I usually buy about 10 bags of them.

Deep fryer

Preheat deep fryer to the highest temperature. It’s fine to use old oil, and this will need to be discarded afterwards.

1 – Peel and slice the garlic on the mandolin’s finest setting

2 – Fry in batches, keeping the chips moving.

3 – Remove when golden brown – they will keep cooking and get a little darker. Drain on paper towel.

4 – When cooled, store in airtight containers.